Honey Touche' is known across the world as "The Sweetheart of Burlesque" and thats no lie!
She has Shimmied and Shimmered across stages from San Francisco to New York city bringing her dazzling style to audiences around the country. Her image has appeared in books such as "The New Burlesque" by Katherine Bosse, "Burlesque And The New Bump and Grind" by Michelle Baldwin as well as having been featured on the Arts and Entertainment channel and now in 2011 she will appear in Albert Watson's spectacular personal portrait of Las Vegas culture entitled "Strip Search". Honey's own love of 60's pop fashion and style has given rise to her own troupe of Go-Go Vixens know as The Touchettes. Denvers Premiere Go- Go troupe combining the styles of the Rockettess with Classic 60's GOGO moves.
From classic Vaudeville Burlesque to Hip-shaking Day-Glo Go-Go performances This is one sultry vixen that has truly captured American's attention! -Don Corlion Vaudeville Today.
Her Innovative performance repertoire boasts over 30 routines. Wheather she is recreating the Lunar Landing, in White sequined Helmet and zip away pants or doing her classic feather fan dance on pointe, everything Honey does is dipped in glamour, sequins and fringe. Her high flying kicks and sizzling fringe shakin shimmies have dazzled diserning audiences everywhere. From the Mile High City to the glittering lights of Hollywood!
Due to her years of proffesional dance training Honey Touche' is a featured performer and choregrapher at Lannies Clocktower Cabaret. Creating dazzling group numbers that can be seen in Midnite Martini's Burlesquepades, or Cinema Sirens showcase.
Honey Touche' will also be seen on the sliver screen herself in 2011 in the Independent film Angel of Shavano, where she can be seen doing a flamenco burlesque dance to Chuck Pyles "affected by the moon".
Be sure to come in and take a look around.
Honey Touche - Miss Modernism 2014-15 Wishes you all a Happy 2016!!